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Lewy "Reset"

Lewy stepped out on the music scene as an unsigned rapper back in the year 2016.

He honed his skills as an emcee while performing at underground clubs in his

hometown of Los Angeles, California. After developing his stage presence and

establishing a loyal fan base, it wasn’t long before the Cuban-American rapper

released his first two albums. Thus far, the songs with the most streams from Lewy’s

musical catalog are: Baila (2018), Graduation Season (2019) and Zinclair (2020).

Not only do these singles showcase Lewy’s depth as a rapper but they also highlight

his vocal range and tonality as an R&B singer. This duality has become a mainstay in

Lewy’s songwriting.

As an artist, Lewy has been heavily inspired by West Coast Hip-hop and Urban

American music of the 90’s. But as a creator, Lewy encompasses originality, the

ability to perform in a bi-lingual manner and many life lessons that he has learned

from his family members.

There are many facets to Lewy, the recording artist, as his music continues to


-Miguel Costa (Staff Writer with Music Connection)


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