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Punch City Collections

In 2014, I started PUNCHcity Collection with the assistance of three other gentlemen, as a way to build a legacy for our families and create a space that allowed us to control our most valuable assets, which is time. PUNCHcity Collection is about punching through adversity, whether it be social, economical, racial, health, or relationship related. Whatever the adversity, we PUNCH through. Our mantra is, “Greatness is a marathon, not a race,” and our mission statement is, “Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, popularity fades. “

Since starting PUNCHcity Collection, the brand has been featured on “In The Cut” and “Family Time” on Bounce TV and “East Los High” on Hulu.

Building a brand is not easy. Although we started in 2014 we really just started to get our feet up under us in the last three years. What I mean by that is in the beginning we were taking advantage of because you dont know what you don't know, taken advantage of by designer and production but now we are solid on both fronts .

We have a PUNCHcity Street Collection, which is more design/graphic heavy collection.

PUNCHcity Classic Collection it's our more preppy collection we use a lot of red,white, and blue colorways in this collection. PUNCHcity Signature Collection I refer to this as our sexy collection, everything in this collection bares of Signature logo sleek, simple, sophisticated. The Collection I'm am most excited about is our newest collection PCS an acronym for PUNCHcity Sports. Luxury sportswear is how I would describe this brand the quality of the material we use for this collection is 2nd to none, we really stepped our game up on this collection.

What next for us is to stay diligent about the process keep moving the brand forward. Recently I was on live with Heather B on SiriusXM's urban view ch 126 talking about the brand, that was definitely a good look. We also just shot some super dope content with Ashley Everett and we have some new items for the PCS collection dropping soon. We did a tribute to Kobe hoodie that is Amazing! So I'm very excited about our future. I’m also working on a kids pocket tee shirt line called Brae Brae


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